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Latest Headlines

Illinois Blues refusal to negotiate with affiliated health systems could have 'chilling effect'

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois is taking a stand against the recent uptick in hospital affiliations. The market-dominating insurer recently announced that it won't negotiate reimbursement rates with affiliated health systems, Crain's Chicago Business reported.

Reimbursement cuts mean challenges, opportunities for imaging centers

Reimbursement cuts will continue to challenge the medical imaging industry in 2014 (and beyond) and will impact all imaging centers--both freestanding and hospital-based--though some will be affected more than others depending on a variety of factors, industry insiders say.

Aetna to pay medical home docs extra monthly per-patient fee

On the heels of WellPoint's new primary care physician reimbursement initiative, Aetna announced it's launching a new payment program that offers primary care physicians a financial incentive...

Blue Shield claims hospitals joined forces to drive higher rates

Blue Shield of California is publicly calling out UCLA Medical Center for causing an impasse in contract negotiations. Since the insurer has voluntarily capped its profits at 2 percent, it has

Aetna renews contract as UnitedHealth negotiations break down

In the latest contract-related battle between insurers and providers, UnitedHealth parted ways with the Eastern Connecticut Health Network (ECHN) while Aetna successfully renewed its partnership with

Insurers criticized for preventing psychiatric care

A new study is criticizing health insurers in Massachusetts, where statewide reform has lead to innovative changes like global payments, for preventing patients from accessing timely psychiatric

Blue Cross employees charged with defrauding state $500K

Three Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi employees are accused of conspiring with 11 state employees to defraud the state of $500,000. Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood said the employees of

Blue Cross contributed to hospital's insolvency, lawsuit says

Landmark Medical Center has sued Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island, alleging the insurer failed to negotiate reasonable reimbursement rates to cover the hospital's costs and has, therefore,

Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts consider merger to compete against BCBS

Harvard Pilgrim and Tufts Health Plan--the second and third largest health plans in Massachusetts, respectively--are considering a merger to combine operations and make them a stronger competitor to

Aetna to drop trauma center seeking 100 percent rate increase

Aetna (NYSE: AET) is dropping the Albany Medical Center from its network because the trauma hospital is asking for a 100 percent increase in physician care rates and more than double the rates of the