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Latest Headlines

Taking a stand against provider consolidation

I'm rarely one to advocate for fighting instead of finding peace, but every now and then, you just have to stand up for what you think is right. And that's how I view the recent decision from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois to not negotiate with hospitals that affiliate with each other. I recognize the right of providers to work together and address the problem of ever-rising healthcare costs. And I certainly don't think that provider consolidation is the only driver to those increasing costs. Insurers have their share of blame, as well.

Illinois Blues refusal to negotiate with affiliated health systems could have 'chilling effect'

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois is taking a stand against the recent uptick in hospital affiliations. The market-dominating insurer recently announced that it won't negotiate reimbursement rates with affiliated health systems, Crain's Chicago Business reported.

Emulate Blue Cross to realize exchange success

Since Blue Cross Blue Shield plans successfully enrolled hundreds of thousands of new consumers through the health insurance exchanges, other insurers should consider emulating what Blue Cross did during the first enrollment period.

Blue Shield-Advocate ACO lowers cost trends

An accountable care organization between Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois and Advocate Health Care has reduced admission rates and prevented an increase in average length of hospital stay, according to utilization trends from Blue Cross.

Most exchange plans limit member choices

Health insurance plans sold through state health insurance exchanges are likely to include limited choices of doctors and hospitals and require referrals for specialists and preauthorization before expensive procedures, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Blue Cross sues doc for defrauding $565K

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois is suing a doctor for fraud, claiming she cheated almost $565,000 from the company.

Blues plans sued for out-of-network fees

Outpatient surgery centers are suing Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois in two separate lawsuits for reneging on "unambiguous promises" of coverage totaling more than $10 million for various services.

Customer service sets insurers apart in health exchanges

The recent push toward enhanced customer service comes as insurers prepare to sell their plans through health insurance exchanges in 2014. When insurers begin offering their products on exchanges, which require certain minimum benefit packages for all insurers, customer service becomes a key differentiator among competitors.

Fraud prevention: Do you know what the criminals are up to?

Do you know the most recent plan criminals have taken to nab millions of dollars from an insurance company? Experts say that staying current on fraud news is one of the most significant steps payers...

Humana, Health Alliance lose state contracts

Humana (NYSE: HUM) and Health Alliance Medical Plans are protesting a decision by the state of Illinois to drop them as health insurance options and instead use Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois,