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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Employer executives want healthcare reform, increased transparency

Almost 74 percent of senior executives in the country's largest companies want policies that bring about comprehensive healthcare reform, better quality measurement and increased transparency, according to a new survey from the Pacific Business Group and the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation.

Multi-year health plans could aid member retention, wellness and DM efforts

Payers who want to retain members long-term and keep them healthy might want to consider offering multi-year insurance exchange contracts, according to a Health Affairs blog post. Insurers are...

Large employers using CDHPs, skinny plans to offset rising costs

Large employers expect health insurance costs to rise about 6.5 percent on average next year, so they're taking steps to reign in their spending, control costs and avoid taxes, finds a new survey from the National Business Group on Health.

ACA: Stepping stone to single-payer healthcare?

As some lawmakers continue to attack the Affordable Care Act through lawsuits, legal challenges, hearings and votes of repeal, industry experts wonder whether these anti-ACA efforts will lead to a single-payer, government-run insurance system.

3 keys to developing private exchanges

If insurers want to design and launch their own private health insurance exchange to compete with the publicly administered marketplaces, they must focus on three essential aspects--market strategy, product offerings and integrated data, according to a white paper from Array Health.

Private Medicaid expansion could lead to poor outcomes

As states continue to create their own versions of private Medicaid expansion, some advocates believe the approach could inhibit the overall effectiveness of the Medicaid program, Stateline reported.

4 trends affecting insurers this year

Susan DeVore, CEO of Premier healthcare alliance, outlines eight trends that will affect insurers and providers this year. Here's a sampling, rounded out with some examples from our own recent  FierceHealthPayer  news coverage.

Employers stay the course, skirt the law on health coverage

Many employers are still offering health insurance to their employees rather than sending them to shop for their own coverage on HealthCare.gov, NJ Biz reported.

Single-payer system bill could ban private insurance in CA

California lawmakers are considering a bill that would establish a state-run health plan as the sole health insurance company, effectively eliminating private insurers from operating in the state.

Healthcare utilization to peak in 2014 with more newly insured patients

Health insurers have benefited greatly from the recent trend of decreased utilization--the 3.9 percent growth in health spending in 2010 was the lowest ever--but that's about to change as consumers