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Latest Headlines

Wellness program uses incentive of low-cost Apple Watch

As wellness programs become ever more popular with employers hoping to control the cost of health insurance, some U.S. companies are turning to a program that encourages healthy behavior through the use of an Apple Watch, the  Wall Street Journal  reports.   

Keys to wellness program success: Strategic communication, culture of health

Both communication and building a culture of overall health are key factors in designing a succesful workplace wellness program, according to a new study from the  Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine.  

Humana study: Wellness programs cut stress, boost employee engagement

A new study from Humana and the Economist Intelligence Unit offers insight into the benefit of employee participation in wellness programs and how wellness programs can improve employee engagement with a company's goals and mission.

Hospital employee wellness programs have limits

If a hospital or healthcare system implements an employee wellness program, a new study n the journal  Nature  suggests management should expect limited progress.

Courts may ultimately decide debate over mandatory wellness programs

Employee wellness programs started off being voluntary with participants perhaps saving a few hundred dollars for agreeing to tests that measure health indicators such as blood pressure, body-mass and cholesterol. But now wellness programs are becoming more mandatory than they are voluntary, and some companies have gone a step further to deny health benefits completely for those who do not participate, according to a  Bloomberg Business  report.  

Aetna's personalized wellness program shows quick return on investment

A personalized program that targeted employees at high risk for metabolic syndrome saved health insurance company Aetna more than $600,000 and seems to prove it's possible for a wellness initiative to show a positive return on investment in one year.

How care management helped a health plan tackle high costs

A care management program combined with better health plan design can help health plans reduce slow down high-cost trends among their members, according to a new white paper.  

Privacy concerns arise when wellness programs share data with vendors

There are major privacy concerns about workplace wellness programs that share employees' information with outside vendors, according to a report by  Kaiser Health News.

Wellness programs: Skip the bad press by using a softer touch

Wellness programs seem to be drawing nearly as much flak as praise these days. A report last week from Kaiser Health News indicated that many employers are raising the bar when it comes to what they...

Doubts surround effectiveness of wellness plans aimed at weight loss

As American companies continue to expand wellness programs for their employees, one former Harvard professor says the whole concept is suspect at best, according to  BenefitsPro.