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Latest Headlines

Medicaid: 2 future trends for insurers

Given the inherent complexities associated with the Medicaid population and the huge growth of the program, insurers and states likely will increase their focus on providing behavioral health and coordinating care for dual-eligibles. These are two of five Medicaid trends that will continue in 2014, according to LifeHealthPro.

Millions of mentally ill Americans lack insurance

Almost 4 million people with severe mental illness will remain uninsured because 24 states have refused to expand Medicaid, according to a report from the American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA).

Jails need HIE as a bridge to outside care

Jails tend to be islands as far as healthcare is concerned, with providers inside having no information on care inmates received outside, and community emergency rooms--where most inmates are treated upon release--with no data from treatment provided inside. Two case studies dissected in an article at  Perspectives in Health Information Management  discuss the issues.

Mentally ill Medicare patients cost more to treat

The average cost of treating a Medicare beneficiary with mental health and substance abuse issues that are considered severe is $43,792, versus $8,649 for a non-afflicted beneficiary, according to data compiled by Avalere Health.

We need comprehensive mental health coverage, stat

I've had mental health coverage on the brain ever since the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Conn. last month. When I first heard about the horrific tragedy, I almost immediately wondered...

Should insurers cover eating disorder treatment?

There's a rising call for insurers to boost their coverage of eating disorders, including anorexia and bulimia, as lobbying groups work to raise awareness and potentially mandate such coverage.

15 insurers fail to make mental health notifications, fined $2.7M

New York has fined 15 insurers a total of $2.7 million because they failed to notify small businesses about special mental health coverage available for purchase. Under Timothy's Law, which is named

The illness hospitals don't want to treat

Nobody should have been surprised, but there it is. A study cited last week in FierceHealthcare concluded that the number of Americans with chronic mental health conditions is even larger than once

Study: Mental illness more common than previously projected

On the whole, mental health issues are given short shift in most med-surg settings, with few providers trained to recognize or handle mental health problems efficiently. Here's a finding, however,

U.S. mental health spending rising rapidly

U.S. mental illness spending is rising faster than spending on any other category of healthcare, according to new data released this week by the HHS Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. This