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Latest Headlines

Computer-based HIV drug-adherence program cuts costs

Developing a computer-based intervention to improve medication adherence among HIV patients becomes more cost-effective the longer patients stay on track and as the number of users grows, according to a paper published in  BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making.

Automated follow-up helps spot adverse drug reactions

A new study from Ottawa Hospital in Canada using an automated phone system reiterates that follow-up with patients can improve medication adherence--and flag adverse reactions.

Automated calls, letters boost med adherence

Automated phone calls and letters to patients who did not fill prescriptions increased their rate of compliance, according to a study published in the  Archives of Internal Medicine.  But an accompanying commentary points out that the overall improvement was only marginal.

EHRs reduce medical errors among HIV patients

Electronic health records reduced medical errors in hospitalized HIV patients from 16 percent to 1.1 percent, a 93 percent reduction, according to three studies presented at the ID Week conference in San Diego.

5 ways to boost patients' medication adherence

As we've reported previously, medication noncompliance is a major problem, particularly among patients with multiple chronic conditions. While none of the following strategies can replace old-fashioned physician-patient communication, they may augment your conversations enough to keep patients on their regimens more often.

FDA approves electronic pills to track med adherence

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved tiny digestible microchips that can be added to pills, allowing providers to monitor whether they take their medicine.

Is med adherence a provider or patient responsibility?

Physicians need better methods to identify and correct patients' medication noncompliance, according to UCLA researchers who studied the way doctors and patients discussed medication adherence during office visits.

Geisinger, Merck to collaborate on cloud-based medication adherence app

Geisinger Health System and drug maker Merck will collaborate on a web-based application to improve medication adherance and identify risk factors for chronic disease, the organizations announced this week. Some question whether Merck's involvement is motivated by a desire to push its own drugs; the company says the app will be brand agnostic.  

Lower copays help ensure medication adherence

When insurance companies charge higher copays, parents don't fill their children's asthma medications as frequently as recommended, according to a study published Tuesday in the Journal of the

Do patients need a medical mom?

The more I try to avoid the physician-parent analogy, the more it seems to stare me in the face. This week, it struck me while writing about a major study out of Brigham and Women's Hospital that