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Latest Headlines

AHIP Institute: Learn to thrive in consumer-focused world

The health insurance industry is changing and consumers are at the heart of that transformation. If insurers don't embrace the new consumer, they'll lose their competitive advantage. So it...

Is HealthCare.gov poised to become the only exchange?

It's possible that HealthCare.gov will become the only exchange in the country--more than half of the states use the federal exchange while others are likely to opt in soon, reported Politico.

Insurer competition drives down premiums

It's been a hotly contested debate since the Affordable Care Act passed: whether an increase in competition among insurers will actually lower healthcare costs. A recent paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research set out to reach a definitive answer.

Obama hears call for healthcare reform CEO

The Obama administration should shake up the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services by removing health insurance exchanges from its purview. Instead, a CEO with private sector experience would oversee the online marketplaces, according to a report from the Center for American Progress.

Exchanges take insurers on roller-coaster ride

At the end of the first open enrollment period, what insurers don't know exceeds what they do know, Rocky Mountain Health Plans President and CEO Steve ErkenBrack said Thursday the second national health insurance exchange summit in the District of Columbia.

Reaching young adults: Leaders share marketing best practices

Young adult sign-ups surged during the last few weeks of open enrollment but the coveted population presented the biggest marketing and outreach challenge for health insurance exchanges.

Healthcare reform: A 'long, hard slog' ahead

Healthcare reform implementation is a marathon, not a sprint, leaders from the Rhode Island and Connecticut exchanges and a former U.S. Department of Health and Human Services official said yesterday at the second national health insurance exchange summit in the District of Columbia.

How one insurer improved customer service amid exchange struggles

Despite challenges, Reno, Nevada-based Saint Mary's Health Plans found an opportunity to improve member services policies and infrastructure, which led to happier members and employees as health exchange implementation kicked in.

Exchange enrollment exceeds expectations in 22 states

Health exchange enrollment exceeded 100 percent of projections in almost half of states, finds a new analysis from consulting firm Avalere Health.

Exchange enrollment won't get easier

The recent insurance exchange enrollment surge doesn't guarantee millions of sign-ups for year two; for that to happen, federal health officials still have several improvements to make.