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Latest Headlines

Billing problems plague insurers

insurers are dealing with their own technical and administrative problems. Plus, they're facing an increasingly frustrated public complaining that insurers can't confirm coverage, aren't providing adequate customer service, and haven't issued identification numbers needed to cover medical services.

Are high-end, hotel-like amenities a waste of money?

While patient satisfaction scores show that hospital patients love their private rooms with flat-screened televisions, room service meal choices and services such as nail salons, economists worry that hospitals with these deluxe, hotel-like accommodations and amenities are adding unneeded costs to the nation's $2.7 trillion healthcare bill, The New York Times  reports.

4 friendly 'back-to-school' reminders for staff

Around this time last year, I shared with you a "back to school" checklist to educate patients about your office. The fall, with the feel of new beginnings of the air without the chaos of the holidays, is also a great time to go over a few friendly reminders with staff:

Long wait times lead to multiple patient complaints

Medical offices across the country still have a ways to go in improving patient wait time and customer service issues surrounding delays, according to a new poll from Angie's List,  WFMY News 2  reported.

Cleveland Clinic's chief experience officer: Communication, attention keys to customer satisfaction

To deliver exceptional customer service, hospitals must focus on communicating with patients and giving them personal attention, the Cleveland Clinic's chief experience officer says in a commentary published this week on  The Exchange  blog.

3 ways to improve patient experience, operations

The June issue of  Consumer Reports examines patient experiences at physician offices and finds many common problems persist. Meanwhile, a study from the publication highlights ways to improve service and operations.  

Listening to members helped Premera improve EOBs

I'm one of those kinds of people who barely scans instructions before jumping right into the task at hand, whether it's assembling new furniture or learning how to operate my new smartphone....

Guest commentary: Empower employees to bend the rules to wow patients

How do we set explicit regulations that govern employees' conduct but are flexible enough to accommodate a patient's needs.

Exclusive: What it takes for payers to succeed in exchanges

Although health insurance exchanges will usher in millions of new customers for insurers, they also will provide significant challenges as insurers try to compete among each other for dominance in...

3 reminders for superior customer service

One of the keys to creating patient loyalty is providing superior customer service.