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Latest Headlines

Will high deductibles cost insurers more money?

The rise in plans sold on health insurance exchanges with high deductibles brings a new concern--consumers who postpone needed care because of the cost. Those decisions could mean the high-deductible health plans backfire on insurers and could lead to even more medical use and greater expenses in the future,  The New York Times  reported.

Is reference pricing in line with ACA goals?

While many health economists embrace  reference pricing as a way to reduce rising healthcare costs, some consumer advocates are skeptical.

Consumer-driven plans need more educational tools

If insurers want more people to sign up for consumer-driven health plans, they must provide specific tools and outreach to educate consumers and employers that provide these plans to their workers, reported  Business Insurance.

Account-based plans: Closing the knowledge gap for consumers

Despite the increased use of high-deductible plans and health savings accounts--47 percent of employers offer HDHPs and 42 percent offer HSAs--consumers still know very little about these types of policies, according to a new survey from Alegeus Technologies.

Insurance jargon still confuses consumers

For most of the past year, insurers and health officials have been dedicated to ensuring individuals enroll in healthcare plans under the Affordable Care Act. Until the next open enrollment period begins, they are focusing on improving the health literacy of consumers, reports Kaiser Health News.

For exchange enrollment success, let's agree to disagree

The Affordable Care Act's success hinges on strong enrollment, especially among young, healthy consumers--something all payers and policymakers can agree on. But partisan bickering could prevent...

What payers learned during first open enrollment

Now that the dust has settled a bit, how did insurers handle the first open enrollment and how are they responding to new health insurance exchange enrollees?

Insurers focus on helping new members use policies

Now that roughly 7 million people have coverage through the Affordable Care Act, insurers are shifting their focus from trying to boost health insurance exchange enrollment to helping new members understand how to use their policies.

Independence Blue Cross educates last-minute exchange shoppers

Americans have a few more days to purchase their own coverage, but many still don't understand fundamental health insurance concepts. So Philadelphia-based Independence Blue Cross has been focusing on educating consumers--about the Affordable Care Act, as well as what health insurance is and how to best use it, according to Brian Lobley, IBC's senior vice president of Marketing & Consumer Business.

4 ways to educate patients about the Affordable Care Act

Not sure how to inform patients about health reform? Here are four ways to keep patients informed and involved with their care under new ACA provisions, according to industry experts.