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Latest Headlines

Low health literacy linked to death of acute heart failure patients after hospitalizations

Patients who can't understand health information and are hospitalized for acute heart failure are more likely to die after discharge, according to a new study published in the  Journal of the American Heart Association.

Cultural differences create bigger end-of-life challenges

While patient-physician discussions about end-of-life care are notoriously difficult, barriers to effective planning is that much harder for patients with diverse ethnicities, according to research from Stanford University School of Medicine published in  PLOS ONE.

ACA shifts health insurance questions from affordability to access to care

By expanding access to health insurance, the Affordable Care Act has shifted consumers' questions about coverage from affordability to access, according to a new  report from Georgetown University's Center on Health Insurance Reforms.

Key demographics lack health literacy, risk not receiving care

President Obama has suggested that shopping for health insurance on Healthcare.gov would be like purchasing plane tickets--fast and easy.  But for many Americans, purchasing health insurance is anything but. 

How low health literacy, technology leave elderly behind

The Internet is quickly becoming the go-to place for health information, but those who are not well-versed in understanding health matters, and especially those who are elderly, are being left behind, according to a recent study.

3 ways to boost health insurance literacy

If the average patient's ability to understand medical information is poor, the U.S. public's comprehension of the current healthcare/insurance system is in dire need of improvement. 

Seeing the connection between health insurance literacy and fraud

It's interesting to study the link between health insurance literacy and fraud, especially now as we prepare for year two of open enrollment in plans made available by the Affordable Care Act....

New UCSF hospital to focus on patient engagement

At the University of California, San Francisco's soon-to-open Mission Bay Hospital, patient engagement will be one of the main focuses, according to Seth Bokser, medical director of IT at UCSF's Center for Digital Health.

Insurers: Don't ignore the lack of health literacy

As the health insurance industry gears up for another enrollment period, set to kick off November 15, the lack of health literacy continues to be an issue for both insurers and consumers,  reports the  Wall Street Journal.

Challenges plague upcoming enrollment period

Despite providing coverage to more than 10 million previously uninsured Americans, the Affordable Care Act will face  hurdles once November rolls around, reports the  Huffington Post.