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Latest Headlines

Anthem's ACOs saved $7.9M in one year

Anthem Blue Cross's accountable care organizations saved $7.9 million in one year, the insurer  announced.  The ACOs fall under its Enhanced Personal Health Care Program, which it launched last year  to promote patient-centered care and compensate doctors who deliver coordinated, personalized care.

Aetna's ACO success: 'Meet providers where they are'

Aetna is ahead of the curve when it comes to accountable care organizations.  The nation's third-largest insurer has some 60 commercial ACO agreements, with two-thirds featuring risk-sharing agreements. It's all about "attempting to meet the providers where they are in their willingness to take on risk," according to Daniel Finke, CEO of Aetna's accountable care group.

Payers positioned to lead alternative payment model transformation

Earlier this year, the  Department of Health and Human Services announced it would fundamentally reform how it pays providers for treating Medicare patients.  FierceHealthPayer  spoke with three industry executives at two insurance companies to discuss payers' role to align with providers to meet this goal. 

Insurers begin to embrace 'well care'

Insurers are ramping up efforts to encourage wellness and change how they pay for healthcare by using technology and clinical services to manage that care.

Early results from Medicaid ACO programs show promise

For the past few years, skeptics have questioned whether accountable care organizations actually meet their goal of creating long-term savings. Early results from Medicaid ACO programs in Colorado, Oregon and Minnesota may prove them wrong.

Oregon providers form ACO

Seven hundred Portland, Oregon-area providers announced the formation of Care Connect Northwest LLC, a new accountable care organization.

How to pay for breakthrough treatments... without breaking the bank

New, advanced and effective drugs and treatments most always come with a big price tag. But  with alternative payment and delivery reforms, payers and providers can give patients the benefits of breakthrough treatments without breaking the bank,  according to a  Health Affairs  blog post.

ACOs working hard to prove they're not second coming of HMOs

The growing number of payer-led accountable care organizations (ACOs) continues to remind healthcare industry observers of the rise and fall of the health maintenance organization, but a more nuanced approach to capitation should make the ACOs different.

Top healthcare payer headlines of 2014

In this special report,  FierceHealthPayer  examines why each topic made headlines in 2014 and will continue to matter to payers in 2015 and beyond.

3 things I'm thankful that insurers are getting right

After celebrating Thanksgiving last week with my family, I'm still feeling grateful for many aspects of my life. I'm also thankful for many parts of the health insurance industry. I decided to dedicate this column to many of the positive changes that have happened recently--some at the hands of the Affordable Care Act, others driven by insurers themselves.