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Latest Headlines

Spending bill saves Blues plans millions--but no other insurers will benefit

The GOP spending bill, which the House passed last night, contains a provision that benefits Blue Cross Blue Shield insurers--but not other insurance companies.

Blues plans invest in IT startups to expand business

Blue Cross Blue Shield plans are investing more in health information technology startups to expand their business and gain an edge  in the post Affordable Care Act market.

Blues plans: 3 steps to boost exchange enrollment

Blue Cross Blue Shield plans across the country are taking a wide range of steps to ensure they sign up a large number of consumers this upcoming enrollment period, reported  AIS Health.

Blues plans' success could be hurting their bottom lines

In 12 of the 15 states with exchange information available, Blues plans dominated the marketplaces last year. The plans' success stems from competitive market share, sound customer service and active participation with government programs. But t o compete in today's healthcare insurance market, playing it safe doesn't cut it, Bill Copeland, U.S. leader of Deloitte's life sciences and healthcare practice told  FierceHealthPayer  in an exclusive interview this morning.

Blue Cross, State Farm partner to sell individual heath insurance plans

Health Care Services Corp. is pairing up with insurance giant State Farm to sell individual health plans both on and off the health insurance exchanges during the next open enrollment period.

Big companies, insurers urge uptake in wellness programs

Aetna and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association are joining forces with some of the biggest companies to urge the entire business community to embrace wellness programs as a way to lower healthcare costs and boost employee health.

WellPoint, Blues plans big winners among exchange shoppers

WellPoint and many Blue Cross Blue Shield plans took an aggressive approach to participating in the health insurance exchanges--and it paid off. In 12 of the 15 states with exchange information available, WellPoint and Blues plans dominated the marketplaces last year, according to a new study from Avalere Health.

Rise in MA healthcare spending driven by state's largest insurer, hospital chain

Spending by the largest health plan and hospital operator in Massachusetts helped drive the Bay State's overall healthcare costs well above the rate of general inflation last year, the Boston Globe reported.

Affordable Care Act grandfathering driving costs up, Blues say

The Obama administration's decision last fall to let consumers keep certain plans that weren't compliant with the Affordable Care Act may have led to some insurers proposing higher premiums...

Report: Higher premiums found in less competitive markets

The less competitive a health insurance market is, the higher the premium rates are, according to a report funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.