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Latest Headlines

Cigna gets win from CMS policy shift, but consumers may lose

Federal regulators' decision to revise how star ratings are deducted from sanctioned Medicare Advantage plans will preserve millions of dollars in quality bonuses for Cigna--but some consumer advocates say the shift undermines health plans' accountability,  Kaiser Health News  reports.  

Insurers cash in on Medicare Advantage quality incentives

Private insurers that offer Medicare Advantage plans are increasingly investing in quality initiatives that provide a boost to the plan's star rating tied to millions of dollars in government incentives, according to an article by  Kaiser Health News, published by  USA Today.  

Physicians push back against Highmark reimbursement cuts

The Pennsylvania physician community lashed out against a recent decision by one of the state's major insurance carriers to cut payments by 4.5 percent, claiming the cuts are placing an unfair burden on providers, which could negatively impact patient care in the long run.

Addiction providers look to alter the industry's growing reputation for fraud

Providers who specialize in addiction services are scrambling to rehabilitate the industry's image following high profile fraud cases that have caught the attention of federal regulators and private insurers, according to the  Palm Beach Post.  

Highmark will cut physician payments to stem ACA-compliant plan losses

As part of a broader effort to stem losses from Affordable Care Act plans, insurer Highmark, Inc. will cut physician reimbursement rates for those plans by 4.5 percent starting in April.

Cigna CFO sees brighter future for individual marketplace

Though some health insurance giants have recently expressed skepticism about the sustainability of the Affordable Care Act marketplace, the  Hartford Courant  reports that a top Cigna executive has taken a more optimistic view.

Novartis' deal with insurers could signal new wave of drug pricing

The recent performance-based deal that Novartis cut with two insurance giants could signal the beginnings of a new approach to drug pricing,  according to  a  Bloomberg  editorial.

Q4 earnings roundup: Big five insurers' ACA exchange woes deepen

If the "big five" U.S. health insurers' fourth-quarter earnings reports made one fact clear, it's that the profitability of their Affordable Care Act exchange products continues to be an issue.

Cigna makes performance-based drug pricing deal with Novartis

Health insurer Cigna has teamed up with Swiss drugmaker Novartis AG to set the price for a new heart medication based on performance, Reuters reports.  

Cigna's income from operations rises in Q4

Cigna reported Thursday that its fourth-quarter adjusted income from operations rose to $486 million, or $1.87 per share, up from $475 million ($1.80 per share) at the same time in 2014.