6 startups using tech and data to challenge the health insurance industry status quo


The health insurance industry is among the most challenging businesses to break into--the sector is dominated by several large players that dwarf their competition's market share.

But the individual market created by the Affordable Care Act and the rise of consumerism have spawned a slew of startup companies trying to elbow their way into the health insurance space.

Some function as online brokers, using data to help consumers choose the right plan. Another tries to compete head-to-head with the industry's biggest names, offering an alternative to a young and tech-savvy crowd. Still others blur the lines between provider and payer, seeking to turn healthcare's business model on its head.

However, what they have all in common is that they are changing the conversation about--and within--the health insurance industry. In the following slideshow, FierceHealthPayer highlights six of these startups.

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