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Latest Headlines

How content marketing helps consumers make sense of health insurance options

When it comes to shopping around for healthcare products and services, effective marketing can make a world of difference for costumers who must sift through the overwhelming amount of information in the decision-making cycle.

CEO Mark Bertolini: Humana deal will help Aetna compete in consumer-driven marketplace

Aetna's decision to merge with Humana is not only driven by the smaller company's dominance in Medicare Advantage (MA) business, but also its strong understanding of the consumer-driven trend that has come to dominate the health insurance industry, Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini tells  Bloomberg.

Health insurance exchange customers more engaged, cost-conscious

The rise of public health insurance exchanges has ramped up Americans' engagement with their health plans, signaling an opportunity for insurers who are able to adapt to a more consumer-centric market.

How health insurers can adapt to the rise of consumerism

To adjust to the rise of consumerism in healthcare, the traditional "power players"--providers and payers--must embrace the fact that they are no longer the only ones in control, according to a report from the Healthcare Performance Management Institute.

Urgent care centers proliferate as popularity of retail health heats up

The rise of retail health has proven to be a major disruptor in the healthcare industry, and recent reports indicate that its power will not dissipate anytime soon.

Talkin' bout my generation: How healthcare marketers can reach all types of consumers

There's little doubt that consumerism is on the rise in healthcare thanks to a variety of seismic changes sweeping the industry. But providers that want to capitalize on this trend must also realize that not all healthcare consumers are alike, according to a new white paper from marketing firm Smith & Jones.

Wellness program success: Help consumers, don't penalize them [Special Report]

Wellness programs that penalize participants do little to promote a health lifestyle. Now that the programs are no longer a 'nice to have,' payers and employers need to strengthen their initiatives to make sure they focus on people's health. In this special report,  FierceHealthPayer  spoke with executives at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Humana to discuss how their wellness programs are transforming both the industry and their members' lives.

4 important--but confusing--healthcare terms

Some of the prevailing jargon in the healthcare industry suffers from confusion over what it actually means, according to healthcare expert Paul Keckley, Ph.D.

What health insurance can learn from life and auto insurance

The health insurance industry could learn a thing or two from other industries in terms of how to make purchasing coverage more personalized and convenient for consumers.  FierceHealthPayer  rounded up examples from the life and auto industries to shed light on how payers can earn their members' trust and make the experience more both quicker and more enjoyable.

What RadioShack's demise can teach hospitals

Amid all the nostalgia for out-of-date technology that the announcement of RadioShack's bankruptcy has spawned, the electronics retailer's downfall also provides some important business lessons for hospitals, according to  Becker's Hospital Review.