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Latest Headlines

7 qualities of high-functioning healthcare teams

This past week's Final Four Men's and Women's NCAA National Basketball Championships illustrates a nearly perfect example of teams' executing on principles named by the Institute of Medicine as representing the basis of team-based healthcare, according to an article from  MedCity News.

3 must-have skills for physician, nurse leaders

In an era of increased physician leadership due to factors such as changing reimbursement and delivery systems, both doctors and nurses have more influence on the broader workings of the healthcare industry than ever, but that will require a different range of skills, according to a  Harvard Business Review  column.

Leading the way: Scripps Health CEO takes hands-on approach to frontline staff engagement

In an exclusive interview with FierceHealthcare, Chris Van Gorder discusses his unconventional career path and leadership philosophy, which helped Scripps' remarkable financial turnaround from being on the brink of bankruptcy to the $2.6 billion nonprofit integrated healthcare system it is today.  

Consumers value employer coverage but ignore healthcare costs

Consumers highly value their employer-sponsored health plans, but they largely ignore health costs when they enroll in these plans, according to a new survey from marketing firm Benz Communications and technology firm Quantum Workplace.

Nurse-physician collaboration can help combat healthcare-associated infections

Strong nurse-physician collaboration can help hospitals' critical care units cut down on healthcare-associated infections, according to an article in the journal  Critical Care Nurse.

Professional growth: Why capability is king

Career paths, for most, are anything but straight. We may hit bumps when least expected--and even more surprisingly--discover opportunities in the aftermath of a hard landing. Sometimes the tracks...

3 tactics to preempt payer headaches

A physician practice's revenue cycle is rarely seamless, largely due to the challenges of managing different and ever-changing rules and idiosyncrasies of various payers. To improve your odds of getting paid, Physicians Practice offers these three tips. 

Health coaches help practices win at chronic care, study shows

With primary care physicians under ever-increasing pressure to engage patients in proactively managing their own health, medical assistants trained as health coaches may offer a cost-effective approach that pleases patients and fellow clinicians alike, according to a study published in the  Annals of Family Medicine.

Why practices should welcome nonphysician provider expansion

Despite the controversy surrounding the expansion of the roles of advanced-practice registered nurses and nurse practitioners in many states, there are plenty of reasons to welcome this latest shift in the healthcare landscape, according to  Healthcare Finance.

Expanded scope of practice may boost patient outcomes, transition to value-based care

As many states expand the role of advanced-practice registered nurses and nurse practitioners, there's plenty of reasons to welcome this latest shift in the healthcare landscape, according to  Healthcare Finance.