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Latest Headlines

Chronic care management: 4 steps to implementation

Medicare's new chronic care management program offers practices of all specialties a major opportunity to reap revenue from services they've thus far provided for free. With 1,000 qualified patients, a practice could earn an additional $511,200 per year, noted an article from  Medscape.

Med student interest in informatics greater than knowledge of training opportunities

Even as healthcare becomes more about using technology to gain knowledge from reams of data, medical students' interest in pursing clinical informatics (CI) training outpaces their knowledge about opportunities to do so, according to a new study at the  Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association.

The best strategies for hospital staff engagement

Hospitals and health systems can drive results by improving their employee engagement strategies, argues a Forbes column.

More physicians reach 'boiling point,' seek help for impairment

Physician health programs across the country have been busier in recent years treating doctors for problems such as substance abuse, impairment, physical illness and burnout. In part, the increase is due to an effect similar to global warming, Steven Adelman, M.D., a psychiatrist, addiction medicine physician, and director of Massachusetts Physician Health Services, told  Medscape.

VA spends millions on program to curb nurse injuries

The Department of Veterans Affairs is taking the lead against nurse musculoskeletal injuries, which occur at a rate of about three times that of construction workers.

How hospitals can reduce barriers to nurse leadership

Despite the positive impact nurse leaders have on outcomes, they remain underrepresented in hospital leadership, according to  Becker's Hospital Review.

Signing bonuses on the rise--and not just for physicians

Signing bonuses are on the rise for both physicians and non-physician healthcare providers, according to a new report from the physician search consultancy The Medicus Firm.

Mindfulness meditation serves as stress buster for nurses

High stress levels in nursing can lead to burnout, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and high blood pressure. And hospitals across the country are looking for ways to deal with the problem.

How to recharge when you can't get a break: Take one

Have you ever caught yourself lamenting to a friend, "It's been a long week," and realized it's only Tuesday? This winter vortex, which is actually more like a black hole, is...

Divorce study suggests female physicians need more work-life support

The idea that physicians, as a profession, are at higher risk for divorce may be misguided, according to a study published last week in  The BMJ.