How Aetna harnesses its data to help breast cancer patients

Aetna CarePal connects recently diagnosed members with women who have beat breast cancer

December 11, 2014

By Dina Overland

big dataPayers have so much data available to them that they can create all kinds of valuable programs and projects that serve their members. At least that's what Aetna thinks--and it's the belief driving its new program, called Aetna CarePal. The pilot, which launched Oct. 1, connects members who have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer to members who have already survived the disease. The insurer aims to help its members address the emotional impacts of cancer in addition to all the physical issues.

"Payers do have a wealth of data that can be used to really help people," Greg Steinberg, head of clinical innovation at Aetna, told FierceHealthPayer in an exclusive interview. "You can actually bring people together to have the most productive and meaningful conversations on a go-forward basis."

To learn more about this program, FierceHealthPayer spoke with Steinberg as well as Aetna's Michael Kolodziej, national medical director for oncology strategy, and Jess Jacobs, director of innovation.

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