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Latest Headlines

Health insurers now cover most retail clinic visits

In the past, patients often paid out-of-pocket to visit retail health clinics, but many can now use their insurance coverage to pay for services. In fact, more than four in five visits to retail clinics operated by CVS and Walgreens are covered by insurance.

UnitedHealthcare, Walgreens mobile affinity program banks on keeping members healthy

Earlier this month, UnitedHealthcare and Walgreens announced a partnership that rewards members with points for partaking in healthy initiatives.  FierceHealthPayer spoke with UnitedHealth's Vice President and Innovation Champion Kirk Pion to discuss how the insurer used existing programs and data to understand what its members want. 

HIMSS15: George W. Bush, Karen DeSalvo headline keynote speakers

In April 2004, President George W. Bush, through an Executive Order, created the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT with a goal of widespread use of electronic health records within 10 years.

Walgreens preps mHealth apps, devices to deliver services via Qualcomm platform

Pharmaceutical retail titan Walgreens is deploying mobile and web applications, as well as mHealth devices tethered to a Qualcomm Life platform, to provide remote patient monitoring related to transitional care support and chronic care management.

Walgreens, VA partner to give veterans more access to vaccinations

Walgreens and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs have joined forces to improve care coordination for veterans by providing flu and other CDC-approved vaccinations.

WebMD, Walgreens collaborate on wellness program

Jumping on board the wellness program-trend, WebMD and Walgreens announced plans to work together to improve Americans' health and wellness. WebMD will provide virtual wellness coaching programs...

Good news for payers in a consumer-focused industry

Consumerization is in full swing throughout the entire healthcare industry. And as the transition from fee-for-service to value-based payment continues, high deductible plans slam providers with a negative credit outlook. But for payers, the credit outlook is a bit more stable, despite some added risk,  reports  Healthcare Payer News.

Walgreens, Home Depot shift employees to insurance exchanges

Two large companies--Walgreens and Home Depot--recently announced they're shifting some employees to health insurance exchanges, citing escalating health costs as the primary driver.

Problem prescriber data exists, as does disagreement about how to use it

In one of the latest moves in the fight against prescription painkiller misuse, Rhode-Island-based CVS Caremark has announced that it will stop filling opioid prescriptions for 42 physicians it has identified as being excessive prescribers,  CommonHealth  reported.

Physicians, pharmacists spar over Walgreens script-verification policy

Despite the difficulties physicians face in combatting doctor shopping and prescription painkiller misuse, most don't welcome a new policy Walgreens says it has designed to help them.