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Latest Headlines

How to create compelling incentives for wellness programs

The most effective wellness programs include carefully selected incentives that compel participants to take certain actions or perform certain activities throughout the program, reported  Occupational Health & Safety.

3 ways an innovative medical clinic can benefit insurers

One medical clinic may single-handedly transform how primary care is delivered--and insurers could benefit by taking notice. In a post on LinkedIn, Elizabeth Bierbower, president of Humana's employer group segment, wrote about her experience while visiting Iora Health's Freelancers Clinic in Brooklyn, New York.

Wellness incentives save UnitedHealth millions

In this exclusive interview, Robyn Harmon, health strategies consultant at UnitedHealthcare discusses how the insurer is using incentives to encourage employees and members to live healthier lives, and what it takes to really engage people in their health.

Do frequent authorizations really save money?

I've written before about how my health insurance improved when my family moved to California from Louisiana. Upon our move, my husband and I enjoyed $11 acupuncture visits every week, greatly...

How ACA tax could lower costs, boost outcomes

The Affordable Care Act's health tax, which insurers have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting against, might lead to an increased emphasis on wellness and preventive care and thereby lower overall costs.

Payers harness data to improve consumer health

Payers increasingly use data to engage customers with their own health and wellness outcomes.

Humana CMO: Think like a provider for high-value care

Humana recognizes paying for value is central to solving industry problems, especially in a changing healthcare environment. So Humana is moving away from being an insurer that only writes checks to a company that thinks like and works with providers, Humana Chief Medical Officer Roy A. Beveridge, M.D., told Hospital & Health Networks Daily.

Controversial wellness campaign highlights how little the public knows (or cares) about healthcare

Think about how the healthcare marketer's job has changed in the wake of programs and government regulations such as the Meaningful Use incentive program, the Affordable Care Act, the shift from...

Lawmakers: Wellness programs foster discrimination

Wellness programs, although well-intentioned, may undermine the Affordable Care Act's efforts to expand access to healthcare.

Blues plan revamps program after $300K fraud

After learning of this healthcare fraud scheme, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City has redesigned its wellness program so that the results can be more easily verified.