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Latest Headlines

Ease providers' value-based concerns

When it comes to value-based payment, providers aren't sure if they like the new reimbursement model. They're primarily concerned about coordination of care, data accuracy and staff acceptance of the changes.

Better together: Medical homes and value-based designs

Patient-centered medical homes are more likely to improve quality of care and reduce costs when they're coupled with value-based insurance designs. Other necessary ingredients include effective clinical information support systems and a strong cross-organization infrastructure, according to a Health Affairs blog post.

Don't share same savings twice in value-based contracts

As insurers launch various types of value-based contracts, including accountable care organizations, patient-centered medical homes and bundled payments, could they be paying shared savings for the same patient to more than one provider?

Global outcomes contracting a bridge between volume and value

Premera Blue Cross believes it has found a way to transition from the fee-for-service payment model toward the newer value-based system--a global outcomes contracting program.

Value-based payments gain traction among insurers

Based on interviews with 39 health insurers, 82 percent of respondents consider developing new payment models a "major priority" for their organizations.

Blues, Beaumont dispute contract rates, risk value-based care

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan's attempt to lower costs by incentivizing quality is hitting a roadblock as contract negotiations with Beaumont Health System continue to break down. The outcome of

Administrative efficiency, value-based designs ensure economic survival

The healthcare industry is aflutter with transformation and if health plans don't properly adapt to those changes, they won't be able to compete in the new environment. That's what Lawrence Bridge,