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Latest Headlines

Anthem primary care payment model reduced costs in first year

Anthem's initiative to transform how it pays primary care doctors has reduced costs by around 3.3 percent,  reported  the  Wall Street Journal.

For alternative payment models to work, align provider and consumer strategies

As the shift toward  value-based payment models  increases, so does the need to align both provider-facing initiatives and consumer-facing strategies. Blending both parts together to create one solid entity is no easy feat.

Aetna's oncology medical home will 'define the value of care'

Aetna has teamed with Tampa-based Moffitt Cancer Center to create an oncology medical home which intends to improve the care experience for cancer patients, the two organizations have  announced. Aetna covers nearly 1.5 million Floridians and adopted the medical home oncology model back in 2013.

Why alternate payment models could be a boon for telemedicine

Reimbursement for telemedicine services is one of the main roadblocks to the use of the technology. While payers have been reluctant to wade into the fray, new payment models offer promise for expanded use of telehealth, according to an article at the  American Journal of Managed Care.

Nearly 90 percent of insurers embracing IT to handle challenges, opportunities

As insurers continue adopting new payment models and benefit designs, more than 88 percent said they will use health information technology to transform their organizations, according to a new survey from HealthEdge. 

How radiology practices are planning for the future

The field of radiology is undergoing profound change as it deals with evolving payment models, falling reimbursement, regulatory changes and calls for transparency on issues of quality and costs. To that end,  Radiology Business Journal  recently interviewed leaders from different practice models to see how they are planning for the future.

Study: Payment models that curb costs may thwart coverage of new medical technologies

A new study by the Analysis Group examined the relationship between insurers' adoption of provider payment models to curb costs and approval of coverage for new items and services made possible by advances in medical technology.

Companies look to eliminate the payer 'middle-man,' partner directly with ACOs

Insurers be warned: Many corporate executives are mulling whether they can provide their employees with higher-quality and more cost-effective healthcare without going through an insurance company.

Why 'systems engineering' is crucial to healthcare delivery transformation

A report published in May by the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology calls on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to transform healthcare nationally by engineering a "robust" health information infrastructure. Following up on that report, researchers from the National Quality Forum in the District of Columbia who helped pen the document have outlined and dissected the report's recommendations.

White House advisers urge faster shift to value-based payment

Insurers should speed up the adoption of value-based reimbursement so the entire healthcare industry can implement systems-engineering principles that will boost efficiency of care, says a new report from the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.