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Latest Headlines

BCBSNC invests in urgent care to reduce ER visits

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina is banking on urgent care clinics to help it defray the cost of hospital emergency room visits.

Retail clinics prepare for more patients under reform

Assuming that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will go into full effect, retail health clinics are getting ready for growing demand.

Hospitals adding urgent care clinics to relieve overcrowding, doc shortage

Hospitals trying to ease strained emergency rooms (ERs) and to overcome a lack of primary care physicians are embracing urgent care centers, report Kaiser Health News and USA Today. They increasingly

Hospitals take online reservations for ER appointments

Lakewood Regional Medical Center is offering patients emergency room reservations, KTLA reports. For $15, a patient can book an appointment online between 90 minutes and two hours ahead of time. It's

Providers, make it easier for patients to find you

For healthcare to run more efficiently in America, consumers need to be better armed with information on where to get the most appropriate care or treatment. But we still haven't connected all the

UPMC's urgent care development binge irritates rival

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is on an urgent care center development binge. In December, it plans to open its newest urgent care center, competing with two other places offering nearly

Trends: ED crowding may be pushing growth of urgent care centers

Over the past few years, emergency department crowding has grown steadily worse, with waits climbing to an average of 3.3 hours as of 2006, according to the CDC. Given these pressures on the ED,

Trend: Urgent care center growth exploding

Retail clinics may be the sexiest sector in outpatient care today, but when it comes to growth, it's urgent care centers which are leading the pack. While there's about 1,000 retail clinics in