Newlyweds create lifesaving healthcare gift cards for people in need


Life Gift Cards™ is a new opportunity to give the gift of healthcare procedures to uninsured or underinsured patients

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Sept. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Life Gift Cards™ was created for those that want to give the gift of health and wellness to the people that they love and care about. Giving a wellness exam or mammogram to someone could be a life saving gesture.  Millions are uninsured and don't have the means to stay on top of their healthcare needs.  Life Gift Cards™ are redeemable for specific medical services from thousands of doctors and hospitals across the country.

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"Presenting a loved one with a Life Gift Card™ for a mammogram is truly a life-saving gesture, especially since research proves that one in eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer," says Harry Collins, D.O., board-certified obstetrician, gynecologist and spokesperson for LGC. "The gift card provides an opportunity for those who want to help and can afford the chance to provide medical procedures for those who can't cover the costs."

Life Gift Cards™ has created a patent pending technology that collaborates with payment cycle management systems, and clinical information exchange solutions, to power its business model.  Additional gift cards will be available for further medical and dental services in the near future.

Health providers that accept the card will benefit from increased patient activity and services, community outreach and a guaranteed payment for services. Doctors, and Imaging providers, in particular, are encouraged to enroll in the program to become Preferred Providers.

Michelle Truscelli, co-founder of LGC explains, "My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer a year and a half ago. Around that same time, fate brought me together with an old friend from high school, now husband, Joey Truscelli, who is the former CEO of a major healthcare electronic data interchange company. Joey is no stranger to breast cancer as he not only experienced the loss of a good friend to the disease, Sue Voges, an Illinois State Trooper who served for 22 years, but also witnessed how a mammogram provided my mother with an early diagnosis. Together we decided to build this incredible platform; mammography was a perfect place to begin."

When Joey reconnected with his high school crush, Michelle, they recognized the desperate need for millions of Americans living with little or no health insurance or access to healthcare services, especially those for screenings and preventive care.  Now families, friends and neighbors are coming together to help one another stay healthy. 

"We wanted to find a way to help give people options, in the hope that individuals, friends, family and businesses will agree that there is no better gift than the gift of life," says the newlywed team of Joey and Michelle. 

"This is really a labor of love, for both Michelle and I," adds Joey. "Our innovative model touches the lives of so many individuals who need services but can't afford the price tag.  At the same time, it provides a venue for those who have the financial means to help others, a way of doing so.  Employers, churches, and schools are group gifting to purchase Life Gift Cards™ for those in need." 

Consumers may purchase and personalize a Life Gift Card online at and is available for use in all 50 states with over 200,000 providers nationally.  Physicians can also enroll to accept the cards for payments at

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