Kerr & Wagstaffe: New Delaware Law Might Require Insurance for Autism


A new Delaware law requires that insurance companies offer coverage for autism; it has won the attention of the law firm of Kerr & Wagstaffe.

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Individuals and families across the United States have long relied on insurance plans to help cover some of their most basic medical expenses. In some cases, a good insurance policy can be a true lifesaver to a person with a serious or sudden illness; in other cases, however, serious medical conditions are not covered by insurance plans, leaving individuals to pay huge medical expenses out of their own pockets. A recent Delaware law is seeking to curb that trend, however. The state has recently enacted a law requiring that health insurance plans cover the treatment of diseases on the autism spectrum. This new law has won the attention of many legal experts and insurance industry insiders, including the lawyers at Kerr & Wagstaffe.

Kerr & Wagstaffe is a firm based in San Francisco, and known for practice in a variety of legal areas. The firm has extensive experience in intellectual property and patent cases, and is also known for its expertise in constitutional law. Additionally, Kerr & Wagstaffe takes on many cases related to insurance law. The firm has responded to the new Delaware law with a statement to the press.

"Making sure families are protected with plans that cover autism is highly beneficial, particularly given the rise in autism spectrum disorder rates," says the Kerr & Wagstaffe press statement. "Hopefully, more conditions will be specifically protected." The Delaware legislation specifies not only autism, but other conditions on the autism spectrum, which include Aspberger's and other conditions.

According to the new law, signed by Gov. Jack Markell, individual health insurance plans are now required to cover the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders in anyone under 21 years of age.

Additionally, the law makes it illegal for insurance companies to terminate or refuse to renew coverage for an individual simply because the individual, or member of the individual's family, is diagnosed with one of disorders in the autism spectrum, or has received any kind of treatment for autism spectrum disorders.

The autism spectrum disorders are so named because there is, indeed, a spectrum of severity. autism and Aspberger's are two of the most common diagnoses. These conditions are typically diagnosed during childhood years, but they are chronic, and do not subside with age. No cure for these conditions exists, though treatments, both via medication or therapy, are available.

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