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Latest Headlines

After King v. Burwell arguments, failing to plan is planning to fail

Healthcare, at its essence, is a waiting game. We wait for the doctor to see us. We wait for test results. We wait for the bill. We wait to find out if insurance covered it. We wait for a reimbursement check, more test results or another bill. We wait for our next appointment. Now we wait for a  King v. Burwell  verdict.

Bills in 12 states would create insurance exchanges

As  states continue to weigh their options should the Supreme Court strike down federal subsidies for health insurance in King v. Burwell, lawmakers in 12 states have proposed bills to create an insurance exchange.

GOP-led states weigh options should Supreme Court rule against ACA subsidies

Several states with a history of opposition to state insurance exchanges are now weighing their options should the Supreme Court rule in favor of the plaintiffs in the upcoming  King v. Burwell  case.

State exchanges must focus on design to better inform consumers

With two open enrollment periods behind us--for the most part--it's time to focus on how an exchange's website design factors into a consumer's choice.

Hybrid states face challenges in light of King v. Burwell ruling

States that set up hybrid, state-federal partnership exchanges could face significant challenges should the Supreme Court side with the plaintiffs in the  upcoming  King v. Burwell  case regarding the legality of federal subsidies.

Washington state stands behind troubled insurance marketplace

Washington's insurance commissioner stands behind the state's insurance marketplace despite an ongoing struggle to transfer information from the site to payers.

States tweak ACA exchanges in preparation for open enrollment

With the second open enrollment period starting Saturday for health plans sold pursuant to the Affordable Care Act, states are scrambling to improve performance of their exchanges and bolster customer support,  The New York Times reported.  The goal is to prevent a repeat of last year's enrollment bottlenecks.   

UnitedHealth's exchange presence to increase competition

Insurers: competition is about to get stiffer on many health insurance exchanges--UnitedHealthcare entering 24 states' online marketplaces with what it says will be affordable plans, reported the  Wall Street Journal.

Insurers expect consumer competition to soar in 2015

Some of the top names in the healthcare insurance industry expect a drive in competition among consumers in 2015,  reports  Forbes..

Exchanges required to provide quality metrics of plans in 2016

Insurers selling plans on the marketplaces must disclose the metrics they use to determine the value and cost-effectiveness of plans by 2016, as a way to improve the overall quality of healthcare.