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Latest Headlines

State exchanges may turn to feds, other states to run their marketplaces

Struggling with high costs and lower-than-expected enrollment, state-based health insurance exchanges increasingly consider turning over their operations to the feds or partnering with other states.

Did King v. Burwell ruling just kill state-based exchanges?

Now that the Supreme Court ruled that federal subsidies are here to stay, many states operating their own health insurance exchanges are considering switching to the federal marketplace, reported  The New York Times.

Cloud-based version of Healthcare.gov may save states after King v. Burwell

States that find themselves in need of an insurance exchange in the wake of the King v. Burwell verdict may be in luck thanks to a cloud-based version of Healthcare.gov.

Low enrollment, technical issues hit state exchange budgets

The  financial challenges facing state health insurance exchanges are no secret--and a recent Commonwealth Fund report spells out the struggles each state faces in its efforts to achieve financial sustainability.

How to prepare state exchanges for long-term growth

Better investments in consumer-facing technology will help state exchanges attract customers and increase the likelihood of sustainability.

Covered California latest state exchange to face financial uncertainty

Add Covered California to the growing list of state insurance exchange facing financial difficulties in the first year that Affordable Care Act exchanges are supposed to be self-sufficient.

Hawaii state insurance exchange to shut down

The Hawaii Health Connector will shut down operations on Sept. 30. The exchange site will cease new enrollment this week, discontinue its outreach programs at the end of May and transfer its technology assets to the state by Sept. 30.

Residents of Healthcare.gov states don't want their own exchanges

The majority of voters in the 34 states using Healthcare.gov do not want to see state exchanges if the Supreme Court ruling in King v. Burwell says that the federal exchange cannot sell subsidized plans, according to a recent poll by the Foundation for Government Accountability.

Did Justice Anthony Kennedy hint at how he voted in King v. Burwell?

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy told lawmakers Monday during a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing that justices should not worry potential Congressional drama when they interpret statutes.  While Kennedy did not allude to or even mention the  King v. Burwell  case heard at the beginning of March, his comments left room for interpretation.

ACA's long-term impact on employer-sponsored plans

The Affordable Care Act's short-term impact on employer-sponsored health insurance has been minimal, but that could very well change over time.