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Rhode Island

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Rhode Island launches all-payer claims database

Rhode Island recently launched its All-Payer Claims Database (RI-APCD) which will provide data about hospital costs with the intent to achieve higher quality of care at a lower cost.

RN residency program graduates its first class; FDA okays temporary Norwegian saline imports to curb shortage;

News From Around the Web > "Passport to Practice," a Rhode Island residency program for registered nurses, will soon graduate its first class of 19, according to Rhode Island Public...

Despite ACA, four states will cut Medicaid programs

Despite plans for many states to expand their Medicaid programs next year, Maine, Rhode Island, Wisconsin and Vermont plan to trim their rolls by as much as 150,000 next year,  Kaiser Health News  reported. 

Hospital systems cutting jobs

Rhode Island's largest hospital operator is cutting jobs as it grapples with mouting losses and dropping reimbursments. Around the country, other hospitals and health systems follow suit.  

Blues plan fined $250K for unfair rating practices

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island has been fined $250,000 for using unfair and illegal rating practices for two years, according to an order from the state insurance commissioner.

For-profit hospital deals get lax rules in Rhode Island

Although originally airing his intent to veto the bill, Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chaffee took no action, allowing a bill to become law that would greatly relax restrictions on hospital ownership by for-profit entities, reported The Providence Journal.

Steward could get green light to move into Rhode Island

The State of Rhode Island General Assembly on Monday announced that the House and Senate approved legislation that lifts a ban to restrict for-profit companies from buying more than one hospital in a three-year period.

Hospitals offer $6.3B 'ripple effect' boost in Rhode Island

Hospitals serve as a major "economic engine" in Rhode Island by providing jobs and spending, according to a new report released last week from the Hospital Association of Rhode Island. Thanks to a

Steward backs bill to lift 3-year wait on RI hospital purchases

A bill, backed by ever-expanding powerhouse Steward Health Care System, to eliminate a rule that for-profit hospitals must wait three years in between hospital acquisitions is up for a Senate hearing

Doctor disciplined for revealing patient info on Facebook

Check your privacy policies for medical staff--a Rhode Island case shows they may need some tightening. An R.I. physician was just reprimanded this week for inadvertently identifying a patient on