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Latest Headlines

Report: UnitedHealth's Medicaid fraud oversight inadequate

A UnitedHealth subsidiary operating in New Jersey failed to properly prevent fraud from the state's Medicaid program, according to a report from the New Jersey Office of the State Comptroller.

Hospital group rebranding expands health plan offerings

Hudson Holdco, which has renamed itself CarePoint Health, is transforming itself from a small one-county hspital operator to a payer-provider organization operating throughout the state of New Jersey.

Hospital operators set acquisition sights on New Jersey

New Jersey has become an attractive market for for-profit hospital operators, with two firms actively bidding on facilities, the Newark Star-Ledger reported.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie backs Medicaid expansion

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has become the latest big-name Republican governor to amend his stance on the reform law's Medicaid expansion, agreeing last week to accept federal dollars to open the program to more state residents.

New Jersey rejects option to run insurance exchange

New Jersey is the latest state in a increasingly long line of Republican-led states to reject the option of running its own health insurance exchange.

Cigna sues ambulatory center for out-of-network strategy

Cigna has sued an ambulatory care center, claiming it incorrectly waived patients' copays and deductibles when they went to out-of-network facilities.

Insurers relax prescription, out-of-network rules post-Sandy

As the northeast continues to clean up after Hurricane Sandy, health insurers stepped up to help their members during this stressful time.

Bill to require nonprofit, for-profit hospitals same disclosure rules

In a move to standardize financial transparency for nonprofit and for-profit hospitals in New Jersey, the state's Senate's Health Committee yesterday approved a bill that would require for-profits to

State plan makes hospital charity care funding more equitable

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has announced a plan where the state's hospitals would share $675 million in disproportionate share healthcare payments in a more proportionate manner, reported the

14 providers arrested in alleged referral kickback scheme

An alleged kickback scheme has resulted in the arrest of 14 New Jersey healthcare practitioners this week, the Wyckoff Patch reports. The providers, including 13 physicians and one nurse