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Latest Headlines

Filing reveals how the Centene-Health Net merger deal transpired

Centene Corp's proposed acquisition of Health Net came after the latter health insurer's board had discussed the possibility of a merger as far back as 2013, a recent Securities & Exchange Commission filing reveals.

How health insurer mergers could boost care management programs

Though some have expressed concerns about the anticompetitive effects of the mergers among the nation's largest health insurers, one major benefit of consolidation is that it's likely to accelerate the industry's use of effective care management programs, according to an opinion piece from  CNBC.

Aetna-Humana deal followed months of negotiations among major insurers

It's no secret that the health insurance industry has been subject to a flurry of deal-making in recent months, but a new Securities and Exchange Commission filing by merging insurers Aetna and Humana offers a unique peek into the behind-the-scenes negotiating that ultimately would reshape the industry.

2 ways Anthem can make its Cigna merger comply with Blue Cross rules

In addition to the scrutiny it will face from federal and state regulators, another major hurdle involved in the Anthem-Cigna merger is how the deal will interact with Anthem's membership in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

American Hospital Association takes aim at Anthem-Cigna merger

Having already spoken out against the proposed mergers in the health insurance industry, the American Hospital Association has now ratcheted up its scrutiny of one specific mega-deal in a letter to the Department of Justice.

CEO Mark Bertolini: Humana deal will help Aetna compete in consumer-driven marketplace

Aetna's decision to merge with Humana is not only driven by the smaller company's dominance in Medicare Advantage (MA) business, but also its strong understanding of the consumer-driven trend that has come to dominate the health insurance industry, Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini tells  Bloomberg.

A glass-half-full view of health insurer consolidation

The recent rush of consolidation in the health insurance industry has triggered a host of analyses about what the trend means for healthcare providers, employers and consumers. But I've seen less written about the effect these mega-mergers will have on health insurance companies--the ones occupying the industry that stands to be fundamentally disrupted.  

Cigna CEO David Cordani: Deal with Anthem should pass regulatory scrutiny

Despite growing speculation about the regulatory hurdles that the two major health insurance mergers will face, Cigna CEO David Cordani tells  CNBC  that there are several reasons his company and Anthem are confident their deal will win approval.

Joseph Swedish, Mark Bertolini in spotlight amid insurance industry's merger fever

If mergers amid four of the nation's largest health insurers pan out, it will be in large part due to the work of two men—Anthem CEO Joseph Swedish and Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini. And both face formidable challenges during every step of the consolidation process. 

Anthem, Cigna see pharmacy benefit management opportunities in merger

In addition to adding to the insurance industry's wave of consolidation, the news of Anthem's deal to acquire Cigna also reinforced how much value the largest health insurers place in the pharmacy benefit management business.