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Latest Headlines

In memo to employees, Aetna CEO lauds deal with Humana

Perhaps trying to ease concerns about the company's impending merger with Humana, Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini reiterated the benefits of the deal in an internal memo to his employees.   

ACA may not be what's driving health insurance industry consolidation

Those who think that the Affordable Care Act has led to health insurance company consolidation are flat wrong, Wendell Potter writes in an opinion piece for the Center for Public Integrity.

Aetna-Humana deal will face scrutiny from state authorities

While it's still unclear how likely federal regulators are to allow Aetna and Humana to merge, the multibillion-dollar deal will also have to pass muster with insurance commissioners and attorneys general in a slew of states, Reuters reports.

As the health insurance merger world turns: Drama, plot twists and cliffhangers

While predictions that the Affordable Care Act would force insurers that specialize in employer-sponsored health plans to recalibrate haven't really panned out, many analysts agree that the decision to uphold a key facet of the ACA provided the stability necessary for deal-hungry insurance companies to make a move. And move they have. Here are some of the recent developments in the soap opera I've come to call "How the Insurance World Turns."

Anthem, Cigna make progress toward merger deal

Anthem and Cigna "seem to be making progress toward a deal" following the news of Aetna's planned acquisition of fellow health insurer Humana,  CNBC 's David Farber reports.

However health insurance deals shake out, UnitedHealth likely to come out on top

As the major health insurance companies continue their consolidation dance, the country's largest insurer will be sitting pretty regardless of whether it strikes a deal to acquire a smaller competitor.

Deconstructing health insurance merger fever: 3 major issues

On Friday, Aetna shook the insurance world when it announced a $37 billion deal to buy Humana, whose Medicare Advantage business has made it prime for acquisition,  FierceHealthPayer  reported. Anthem and Cigna have been embroiled in sometimes-contentious talks about a possible Anthem takeover of its fellow insurer, and UnitedHealth Group, the final member of the "Big Five," also still may enter the merger fray. FierceHealthPayer takes a look at some of the latest developments and biggest issues surrounding the companies' consolidation.

Nonprofits face scrutiny, but tax surpluses may be justified

Many health insurers have been establishing themselves as nonprofit companies since the Depression era, but they may have to make some changes if they hope to continue competing in the current health insurance market.

Aetna-Humana merger could coax Anthem, Cigna to make a deal

The merger announced Friday between Aetna and Humana will not only have major implications for the insurers and their members, but it also may change the game for two other insurance giants locked in contentious takeover talks.

Challenges, benefits abound with Aetna-Humana deal

Now that Aetna and Humana became the first two major health insurers to merge, many questions remain about how the two companies will combine their operations and what the deal will mean for the health insurance industry.