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Latest Headlines

4 creative ways to reach customers amid qualifying life events

Payers need to get creative in order to reach customers who need insurance outside of the typical open enrollment period, according to a recent report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Report: How insurers can prepare for the wave of consumerism

Insurers need to update their business models if they want to thrive amid "a fast growing wave of consumerism," according to a new report from healthcare investment firm Psilos Group.

Report: Exchanges will transform the health insurance business

As companies try to lower their health-related costs, they're moving away from providing benefits directly to their employees and instead pushing them to be more responsible for their own health insurance. That trend will fuel more growth in health insurance exchanges over the next 10 years, dramatically changing the health insurance business, according to a new report from PwC's Health Research Institute.

Get to know your new members to build brand loyalty

You know that song from the musical "The King and I" that goes "getting to know you, getting to know all about you... "? It's time we applied that message to the health...

What it means for payers to shift to a consumer-oriented market

One of the biggest changes facing the health insurance industry is the move to a business-to-consumer market, which requires payers operate within a more retail-oriented business. Given the enormity of that shift, Amercia's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) has planned multiple sessions throughout its Institute 2012 to help payers learn the most effective strategies.

WellPoint buys 1-800 Contacts to focus on business-to-consumer market

WellPoint is buying 1-800 Contacts to expand its direct-to-consumer offerings as it aims to gain a larger market share of the individual insurance business and diversify into the "higher-margin" eyewear business.

Insurers shift marketing budgets toward individual consumers

Five of the nation's largest health insurers spent a combined $366.8 million on advertising in 2011, an almost 52 percent increase from the year before.

Cigna buys supplemental insurance company for $295M

Cigna has reached an agreement to acquire the supplemental health insurance unit of American Financial Group for $295 million. By acquiring Great American Supplemental Benefits Group, one of the...

Horizon opens retail store with customer service, technology

In another sign that the insurance industry is becoming more consumer-oriented, one more big insurer announced that is opening a retail store to enhance the member experience. Horizon Blue Cross Blue

Humana stays competitive in consumer retail market

Humana is a mover and a shaker within the health insurance industry, taking steps both internally and externally to ensure it remains competitive in the market. Most recently, Humana promoted its