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Latest Headlines

Project ECHO takes on challenge of 'superusers'

Project ECHO has taken on a new challenge: to help primary care teams improve care and lower costs of so-called 'superuser' patients, according to  NEJM Catalyst.

Iowa public hospital able to cut property taxes thanks to Affordable Care Act

A hospital in Iowa has been able to rebate property taxes to residents in its service area thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

It's governor vs. governor in fight over future of Kentucky healthcare

The healthcare war continues in Kentucky, with former governor Steve Beshear forming a nonprofit group with the goal of preventing his successor, Matt Bevin, from dismantling the state's health insurance exchange, Kynect.  

White House seeks $30B in Medicaid funds for Puerto Rico

Providers in Puerto Rico could potentially see some financial relief in the coming weeks, as the Obama Administration has proposed $30 billion in additional Medicaid funding for the island over the next decade, The Washington Post has reported.

Lawsuits challenge Medicaid policies on covering hepatitis C drugs

Some states have denied Medicaid coverage for effective yet expensive hepatitis C drugs to patients and prisoners, and class-action lawsuits challenging those decisions could end up costing the states hundreds of millions of dollars, according to an article from The Pew Charitable Trusts.  

OIG: Weaknesses in Utah Department of Health's Medicaid IT systems 'high impact'

Information systems used by the Utah Department of Health for its Medicaid program were left at risk, with numerous weaknesses in the technology discovered during a review of the agency by the Office of Inspector General.

6 million Americans qualify for Medicaid but don't sign up

As many as six million Americans are eligible to get nearly free healthcare through Medicaid but don't sign up, according to an article from the  Wall Street Journal.

Report: ACA has made Medicaid coordination, re-enrollment much smoother

A new report by the Kaiser Family Foundation has concluded that the Affordable Care Act  provided most states with significant technological upgrades that allowed them to enroll individuals into Medicaid coverage much more efficiently than in the past. 

Affordable Care Act improves Medicaid efficiency, enrollment

The Affordable Care Act helped states implement major technological upgrades to their Medicaid systems, as well as streamline both the enrollment and renewal processes and increase administrative effectiveness, according to new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation.  

Direct care making its way to new markets

Concierge or direct care isn't necessarily just for the wealthy anymore, but its place in the Medicare and Medicaid markets remains uncertain, according to an article from Kaiser Health News.