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Latest Headlines

Seven insurers join payment reform initiative in Colorado

Six insurers have announced that they will join the Colorado State Innovation Model, which is aimed at transforming how healthcare is delivered across the state by sharing pricing data with primary care practices and moving away from the fee-for-service model.  

Few believe health insurance benefits have increased, poll finds

Even with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, only 1 in 6 adults believe their health insurance benefits have increased in the past two years and 12 percent believe they've actually declined, according to a new poll.  

AHIP report: Enrollment in Medicaid managed care plans continues to rise

Enrollment in Medicaid managed care plans grew nearly 70 percent from 2007-2013, highlighting states' reliance on health plans that can improve outcomes for high-risk patient populations and save money in the process, according to a report from America's Health Insurance Plans.

Medicaid enrollment increases access to, quality of care

While debate still rages in many states about the prospect of expanding Medicaid, a new study indicates that the program improves the healthcare experience for many Americans.

Covered California's data-collection plans raise privacy concerns

Despite security concerns surrounding both public and private collection of health plan enrollees' data, California officials say their plan to collect medical data from the state-run exchange's 1.8 million customers is for the greater good, the  L.A. Times  reports.

In-home senior care program saved Medicare $25M

A program that uses house calls to treat seniors with multiple chronic conditions saved Medicare $25 million in its first year, CMS announced.

UnitedHealth's price transparency tools help consumers choose high-quality docs

When consumers used UnitedHealth's price transparency tools, they were able to comparison shop for lower costs and search for high-quality providers, according to a new study of the insurer's myHealthcare Cost Estimator (myHCE). 

3 ways to align quality goals across payers

Different insurers define healthcare quality in different ways, so to accelerate the shift toward high-quality, high-value care, payers need to adopt common standards, according to a new issue brief from the Center for Health Care Strategies and the Milbank Memorial Fund.

Managed care continues to spark debate

The jury is still out on whether managed care companies can provide quality care and cost savings, reported Kaiser Health News and the St. Louis Dispatch.

Insurers use apps to improve quality, contain costs

Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini is leading the charge to improve healthcare quality and control costs through high-tech products, such as mobile apps, expected to create more than $1.5 billion in revenues for Aetna next year.