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Latest Headlines

Provider prices drive up healthcare costs

Massachusetts has had the highest per capita health spending for more than a decade, and a new comprehensive report shows provider pricing has driven this disproportionate increase in costs.

Medical costs are everyone's responsibility (including mine)

It's an all too common scenario--patient sees doctor, doctor recommends test, patient undergoes test, patient receives expensive bill for test. And this time it happened to me. I visited my...

Heathcare prices remain sluggish

Healthcare price inflation (HCPI) in August was 1 percent higher than last year and growing at a historically low rate, according to the October Altarum's Health Sector Economic Indicator report.

Healthcare prices see lowest year-over-year gain in 15 years

Healthcare prices in January rose only 1.5 percent higher than January 2012, marking the lowest healthcare price growth since December 1997, according to a new report from the Altarum Institute.

Hospital prices drop, vary widely

Hospital prices fell slightly in September and have risen only modestly over the last year, according to new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Will too many future docs forgo primary care for specialties?

The nation's medical schools are gearing up to graduate nearly a third more doctors than in the past, but concerns are rising that too many will be trained for specialties rather than primary care,