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Latest Headlines

Massachusetts health costs rise almost 5%, report finds

Insurers operating in Massachusetts, a closely watched state for its plan to lower costs and provide healthcare for all residents, haven't successfully saved money yet--though they have boosted alternative payments to providers.

Molina CEO: ACA still must address health costs

Although the Affordable Care Act has helped decrease the uninsured rate, it hasn't addressed the underlying problem of healthcare costs, J. Mario Molina, CEO of Molina Healthcare, one of the nation's largest managed care companies. 

The argument for an all-payer system

One way to tackle the stubborn problem of skyrocketing, variable and opaque healthcare costs is to move to an all-payer system, according to an opinion piece published by  The Hill.

Medicaid enrollment increases access to, quality of care

While debate still rages in many states about the prospect of expanding Medicaid, a new study indicates that the program improves the healthcare experience for many Americans.

How healthcare CEO salaries hurt consumers

The healthcare industry had the highest level of median pay for CEOs last year--$13.6 million--beating out other top industries such as basic materials, consumer goods and financial. 

UnitedHealth expanding presence in patient care business

UnitedHealth is expanding its reach in the healthcare industry by getting into the patient care business, aiming to cut healthcare costs. Through its Optum unit, the largest insurer in the country has also become the biggest independent providers of urgent care.

Aetna among founders of coalition that aims to improve transparency for consumers

An industry coalition comprised of representatives from Aetna, AARP, the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association, Novo Nordisk and the National Consumers League announced a new venture this week to improve  price transparency throughout the health markets.

Consumers value employer coverage but ignore healthcare costs

Consumers highly value their employer-sponsored health plans, but they largely ignore health costs when they enroll in these plans, according to a new survey from marketing firm Benz Communications and technology firm Quantum Workplace.

The problem with health insurers' price transparency initiatives

As insurers increasingly disclose their prices to consumers, the movement might be flawed and could potentially backfire. Without context, the recent price transparency initiatives are essentially meaningless.

How Aetna's Bertolini embraces mindfulness to improve company culture

Since Mark Bertolini became CEO of Aetna in 2010, he has made several unconventional moves, offering free yoga and meditation classes and raising the incomes of the company's lowest-paid employees by as much as 33 percent. The changes have transformed Aetna into one of the country's most progressive companies.