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Latest Headlines

The problem with health insurers' price transparency initiatives

As insurers increasingly disclose their prices to consumers, the movement might be flawed and could potentially backfire. Without context, the recent price transparency initiatives are essentially meaningless.

Health Care Cost Institute price transparency site goes live

The Health Care Cost Institute has launched a website listing cost information for more than 70 common health conditions and services based on claims data from four major insurers.

Engage consumers to improve price transparency

Because payers and providers typically negotiate prices for healthcare services, the cost of certain procedures vary greatly, with no apparent difference in quality. Maybe it's time to bring consumers into the mix, according to a recent  report from  Health Affairs.

UnitedHealth, Aetna, Humana team up on price transparency

UnitedHealthcare, Aetna and Humana are leading a price transparency effort that will make healthcare costs available for consumers to review online.

Payer claims transparency: Essential or counterproductive?

Debate continues about whether releasing healthcare provider payment data publicly is a good idea: Proponents say it will show taxpayers where their healthcare dollars are spent and how provider choices affect their pocketbooks. Opponents say, besides misleading the public, releasing payment data may increase healthcare costs.

Out-of-pocket costs rise as overall healthcare spending declines

While healthcare spending growth is at an all-time low, Americans are paying more and more out of their own pockets, according to a new report from the Health Care Cost Institute.

Rising prices, not utilization, boost health spending

Healthcare spending, which has continued to climb in recent years, is driven by ever-rising prices charged by providers, not increased utilization of healthcare services, said a new report from the Health Care Cost Institute.

Insurers spend more on kids' care despite down enrollment

Insurers and consumers spent almost $88 billion in 2010 on children's healthcare, up almost 12 percent from 2007. That increase comes amid a 5.7 percent drop in the number of children covered by employer-sponsored insurance.

Report: Insurers' costs rising faster than inflation

Insurers are facing high costs for many common medical services because doctors, hospitals and drugmakers are raising prices faster than inflation, according to a new report released Monday from the Health Care Cost Institute.

Providers jack up prices even as demand for services drops

Much of healthcare inflation in recent years may be attributed to prices charged by hospitals and like providers, according to a study by non-partisan think tank the Health Care Cost Institute.