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Shopaholics welcome: Insurer rewards members who hunt for best procedure prices

Price transparency is having a moment in the healthcare industry--particularly in the insurance sector, which has long faced criticism for contributing to consumers' less-than-adequate...

AHIP: How insurers can improve price transparency tools

Insurers have launched more price transparency initiatives to empower their members to become more engaged in and make more informed choices about their healthcare, according to a new issue brief from America's Health Insurance Plans.

New Mexico becomes latest state to launch all-payer claims database

New Mexico will become the latest state to institute an all-payer claims database, a move intended to increase healthcare price transparency for consumers.

Controversial narrow networks may help lower healthcare costs

With the health insurance industry shifting toward a more consumer-centric mindset, providing shoppers with choices is imperative so they can make informed decisions about their care. And while narrow networks may impede consumer choice, they could also provide benefits,  according to an opinion piece published in the  Journal of the American Medical Association.

Massachusetts bill would create first-in-nation cap on drug prices

Insurers' efforts to limit rising drug costs are coming to a head in Massachusetts, where state lawmakers have proposed a bill that would create a first-in-the-nation cap on some prices.

With Theranos deal, Capital BlueCross aims to disrupt markets--even its own

In an interview with  FierceHealthPayer, Capital BlueCross's Senior Vice President, Business and Network Development Aji Abraham explains how the latest venture between the insurer and lab-testing startup Thernos works to promote price transparency and improve the health and wellness of its members. 

Massachusetts insurers need to beef up price transparency efforts

The three biggest insurers in Massachusetts--Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Harvard Pilgrim and Tufts Health Plan--should all improve their price transparency efforts required under state law, according to an evaluation from advocacy group Health Care for All.

Capital BlueCross, Theranos deal may boost price transparency

Capital BlueCross and a lab-testing company have teamed up for a new venture that aims to increase price transparency and reduce costs.

Connecticut law contains new requirements for health insurers

A new Connecticut law imposes more stringent restrictions on health insurance companies, including new billing regulations and additional hurdles for insurers that purchase physician groups.

Supreme Court takes Vermont all-claims database case

The Supreme Court on Monday granted a judicial review to a case on whether federal employee benefits law trumps Vermont's state law requiring insurance companies, including self-insured plans, to report to a statewide database,  according to  Bloomberg  BNA. The court is planning a hearing on the issue next term.