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Latest Headlines

Price transparency: a win-win for insurers and consumers

Price transparency is more than just an exercise in being up-front--it's imperative to improve the bottom line for any health insurer, says a new report from Families USA.

6 ways provider networks can help minorities access care

If insurers implement certain standards into their provider networks, they can help minority populations receive better care and thereby lower costs, according to a new issue brief from Families USA.

How to improve enrollment for 2015

Only one day after enrollment for the health insurance exchanges unofficially ended at midnight Monday, healthcare advocacy group Families USA outlined 10 ways to improve the exchange enrollment process next year.

Plan cancellations to hurt few Americans

In the midst of controversy about canceled plans and their reinstatement comes a new report by the consumer organization Families USA: Only 0.6 percent of Americans under 65 may lose their insurance and not qualify for financial aid to replace it with Affordable Care Act-compliant coverage.

26M people eligible for health exchange tax credits

A new report from advocacy group Families USA shows that almost 26 million people will be eligible for tax credits, which will help offset the cost of premiums and enable more consumers to buy health insurance through the new online marketplaces.

Payment reform requires public, private collaboration

Low-cost, high-quality care requires an all-hands-on-deck commitment across all industries, according to a coalition of national groups representing hospitals, insurers, employers and consumers.

Cuccinelli health reform challenge labeled 'extremist'

Opponents of Virginia's challenge to the healthcare reform law pointed out how killing the legislation would hurt Americans. "Today we saw political extremism and requested judicial activism run amok

Sick people can't count on access to high-risk pools

If it looks like too many sick people are trying to sign up for the high-risk pool plan, they could be turned away, reports The Hill. Richard Popper, deputy director of the Office of Consumer

No insurance? Consequences could be deadly

A lack of health insurance will result in the deaths of more than 275,000 Americans between the ages of 25 and 64 over the next decade, according to the report, "Lives on the Line: The Deadly

Study: Health premiums up 95 percent since 2000

Here's a new health expense number that has a certain horror-movie quality, even to those of us who have followed the business for decades. According to a new study nonprofit advocacy group Families