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Latest Headlines

Obama administration likely to block plans excluding hospital benefits, sources say

The Obama administration will likely kill an option under the Affordable Care Act that lets large employers offer health plans that exclude hospital benefits, sources told Kaiser Health News.

AHIP urges Congress to add new coverage tier

Congress should consider adding a new tier of Affordable Care Act coverage that would be less comprehensive than what insurance plans are now required to offer, America's Insurance Plans President and CEO Karen Ignagni told  C-SPAN in an interview on Friday.

Health insurance exchanges charge forward

Both California and New York have taken major steps toward implementing their state-run health insurance exchanges. California's implementation of its statewide exchange continues after health

HHS: Essential benefits to be determined by states

Insurers are slowly inching toward knowing what essential benefits they must offer in plans sold through health insurance exchanges. But that doesn't mean they're any closer to learning about what