Gravie Announces Year-One Impact of Helping People Select Insurance, Navigate Individual Market


Employer savings, expanded choice for employees are hallmarks of reformed marketplace

MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Employers who made Gravie available to help their workers find coverage in the individual insurance market are saving on average as much as 40 percent as compared to the cost of group health benefits, while giving employees similar or better coverage than they previously had, the company announced today.

Gravie helps organizations make the shift from group to individual coverage by making available a state's entire insurance marketplace, including offerings in the private market as well as public exchanges. Gravie then helps employees pick a plan that works best for them, and assists in the management of those benefits. Gravie also identifies and pursues tax credit eligibility on behalf of employees, manages any additional funds that the employer makes available and provides an integrated online platform for people to manage all things health-related in one spot.

"For many decades, the popular belief has been that group health insurance is cheaper than coverage in the individual market," said Abir Sen, co-founder and CEO of Gravie. "We built our company on the principle that that thinking was fundamentally flawed—especially in light of marketplace changes spurred by the Affordable Care Act—and data from the first year of our book of business debunks the myth once and for all."

In addition to cost savings, Gravie customers are experiencing a significant expansion in choice. On average, individuals whose employers have made Gravie available to them are choosing from 77 different health plan designs, compared to the one to three choices that are typical of the group insurance market. This choice, coupled with the expert guidance individuals receive from Gravie's staff of advisors, have led to overwhelming customer satisfaction, indicated by a recent net promoter score (NPS) of 78 percent compared to an industry average of 17 percent.

"By giving people more choice in picking benefits that meet their individual needs, and by offering best-in-class customer service that helps mitigate the complexities of selecting health insurance, we've been able to offer a solution that is equally valuable to employers and employees alike," said Sen.

Gravie also provides a number of after-sale services, including ongoing customer support, trouble-shooting coverage details, an integrated analysis of healthcare spending across all healthcare accounts, help with understanding and paying doctor and hospital bills, and management of these and other healthcare services on one customized platform.

To that end, Gravie today announced the launch of its unique concierge service that further emphasizes after-sales support. Through the concierge service, individuals can contact Gravie for help with all issues related to the ongoing use of their health benefits, including understanding coverage eligibility, pursuing authorization for services, and handling claims denial, among other things. The concierge program, as well as all of the other Gravie services, is now also available on mobile phones in both the Apple and Android stores.

About Gravie:
Gravie is committed to creating insurance independence by bringing smart solutions that help consumers and employers maximize the new insurance marketplace. Gravie takes the administrative work away from employers and helps consumers select and buy insurance coverage, providing ongoing customer support, trouble-shooting with health plans, analysis of healthcare spending, and management of all things health-related in one spot on one customized platform. Gravie was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Minneapolis. For more information, go to