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Latest Headlines

Insurers take exchange marketing, education into own hands

Very few consumers actually know the online marketplaces opened only two days ago. Many insurers aren't waiting for states to educate consumers and are launching their own marketing campaigns.

Social media can destroy or boost hospital reputations

Social media has become so powerful that a healthcare provider's efforts to fully engage with social networks could harm both patients and the provider's reputation, contends a new whitepaper from HP Social Media Solutions.

Hospitals mine for patient customers on the Web

Hospitals are leveraging Google and Facebook technology for digital marketing campaigns that are highly targeted to specific types of patients, Kaiser Health News and Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Fast shift: Digital marketing will dominate healthcare in two years

Within two years, hospital marketers are predicting that digital marketing will overtake traditional marketing channels in getting their messages out, according to a survey from Acsys Interactive, an