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Latest Headlines

Oscar Insurance: Reinventing consumers' online experience

Insurers' online presence and the experience provided to consumers play key roles in the transition to a more consumer-focused industry. In this Fierce exclusive, FierceHealthPayer breaks down how Oscar Insurance Corp. created a completely new kind of online presence that's easy and transparent for consumers.

AHIP Institute 2014: 'Unleash the power of consumers'

The health insurance industry must "unleash the power of consumers" to foster a real relationship between consumers and their providers, Mark Ganz, CEO of Cambia Health Solutions, said during the AHIP Institute 2014 opening session today in Seattle.

4 ways to become more customer-centric

Successful insurers must do more than implement better processes and systems to create a truly customer-focused culture, Insurance Networking News reported. The transformation from inward-focused to customer-centric involves several steps.

Health exchanges: Where should payers invest time and money?

Health Insurance Exchanges will dramatically change how insurers do business, shifting the industry toward a more consumer-oriented market where the individual, not the employer, is king.

What it means for payers to shift to a consumer-oriented market

One of the biggest changes facing the health insurance industry is the move to a business-to-consumer market, which requires payers operate within a more retail-oriented business. Given the enormity of that shift, Amercia's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) has planned multiple sessions throughout its Institute 2012 to help payers learn the most effective strategies.

Aetna rebrands itself with new logo, consumer focus

Aetna on Wednesday announced that it is rebranding itself with a new logo and a heightened consumer focus in another clear demonstration that health reform is changing the insurance market. The new

Upgrading IT not a one-time occurrence for payer success

Insurers are competing in the post-reform healthcare marketplace and are looking for ways to retain members so they don't jump ship to another payer with superior customer service. Success in the

WellPoint adopts consumer-focused marketing

The health reform law is bringing about some positive changes for WellPoint's marketing program, says its chief marketing exec. For the first time, the insurer is looking at the end-to-end consumer