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Latest Headlines

Booming Medicare business could make Humana an acquisition target

A growth in Medicare and Medicaid business could make insurers such as Humana attractive acquisition targets in the coming months, according to Bloomberg Business.

Insurers lose $73M in Kansas in 6 months thanks to Medicaid

Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act has been an overall success for insurers in most states that have implemented it; however, the story is different in Kansas, which switched its entire Medicaid program to a private model.

Payouts for insurer CEOs keep growing

The chief executives of the 11 largest for-profit insurers earned more than $125 million in total compensation packages. And if insurers' stocks continue rising at their current rate, the CEOs will likely receive even bigger paydays this year, according to a commentary written for the Center for Public Integrity.

Managed care continues to spark debate

The jury is still out on whether managed care companies can provide quality care and cost savings, reported Kaiser Health News and the St. Louis Dispatch.

Exchanges take insurers on roller-coaster ride

At the end of the first open enrollment period, what insurers don't know exceeds what they do know, Rocky Mountain Health Plans President and CEO Steve ErkenBrack said Thursday the second national health insurance exchange summit in the District of Columbia.

States shift nursing home residents into Medicaid managed care

More states are moving traditional nursing home residents, most of whom have multiple chronic conditions and require long-term care, into Medicaid managed care plans run by private insurance companies, reported Kaiser Health News and USA Today.

Centene can't break Medicaid contract, court rules

Centene's subsidiary Kentucky Spirit can't leave the Kentucky Medicaid market early as it has threatened because it would be in breach of contract and subject to fines, a state court ruled Friday.

Centene must cover preventive care provided in schools, court says

Centene's Medicaid managed care company operating in Kentucky has been ordered to repay about $8 million to the state for failing to cover preventive care provided by health departments in schools.

Centene drawn to private Medicaid expansion

Now that Arkansas has passed legislation to privatize its Medicaid expansion, one insurer, Centene, is sharing its enthusiasm to participate, Kaiser Health News reported.

Earnings plunge 84% at Centene, but rise for Coventry

Although Centene and Coventry Health Care issued financial reports within a day of each other, the two insurers experienced dramatically different fourth quarters last year.