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Latest Headlines

CMS gives pharmacists green light to bill incident-to docs

In an effort to make the patient-centered medical home model more financially viable for practices, Medicare officially granted permission for pharmacists to bill their patient-care services incident-to a physician, according to an announcement from the American Pharmacists Association.  

Report: Include social support for patients in clinical model

With more low-to-modest income patients entering the healthcare system via the Affordable Care Act, practices may benefit from investing in social-support services to address problems that impede patients' ability to receive care, according to a report prepared by Manatt Health Solutions for The Commonwealth Fund, The Skoll Foundation and The Pershing Square Foundation.

3 levers to cut healthcare costs

In the post-ACA world, policymakers and industry leaders are looking at cost control in a way that will get waste out of the system while doing as little harm as possible. Below are three levers to help payers and providers do just that, according to a presentation by Meredith Rosenthal, Ph.D., associate professor at the Harvard School of Public Health, at the AHIP Institute in Seattle.

Docs seek options to leave private practice without losing autonomy

As the cost to run a medical practice continues to rise, doctors feel the pull of hospital employment more than ever. But for many, the price of their autonomy is too great, even with the promise of freedom from the anxiety of running a business. 

Bundled payments expand beyond traditional episodes

Payers must evolve their operations and infrastructure if they want bundled payments to reach mainstream implementation, according to a new study from the Healthcare Incentives Improvement Institute.

How to enhance revenue with NPPs

Medical practices not only hire more nonphysician practitioners to help keep up with their workloads, but many also find that this strategy helps enhance revenue, according to a report from the Medical Group Management Association.

3 ways insurers can help lower healthcare costs

As millions of newly insured people start using healthcare services, insurers must take steps to reduce healthcare costs without jeopardizing access of care, Forbes reported. Healthcare spending in...

Patients with low credit scores still pay off medical debt

Consumers paying off medical debt could be better off if credit bureaus treated it differently than the other bills they service, the Washington Post reported. Those with medical debt who had lower...

What 6 female payer execs have to say about tech-driven healthcare

The editors at FierceHealthPayer combed through our exclusive interviews with health plan leaders to round up six of the most thought-provoking and memorable quotes about health IT successes and challenges.

Bundle payments to reduce price variation

Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey have found their bundled payment programs improve quality and lower costs. Plus, bundled payments can reduce the variation in prices among providers for the same service, reported AIS Health.