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Enrollment centers help New Mexico exchange reach more consumers

Enrollment centers set up around the state were a key to providing free assistance to both new enrollees and those looking for a new health insurance carrier on New Mexico's state-run exchange, according to an interview with CEO Amy Dowd.


Final open enrollment surge might be less than expected

We will soon know for sure how many Americans signed up for 2016 health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act, but there are some indications that the final surge to sign-up for a health plan before the Jan. 31 deadline was less than expected, according to a CNBC report.

Aetna CMO: Provider, payer aims not that different

Harold Paz, M.D., went from working in the provider world to becoming chief medical officer and executive vice president at Aetna in 2014, but says the mission on both sides of the aisle is the same--building a healthier world. 

Insurers could face pressure to cover more genetic testing

U.S. health insurers may be looking at some difficult decisions when it comes to whether they will cover an increasing array of genetic testing, according to a Kaiser Health News report.

How payers, drug companies can partner to further value-based payments

While they sometimes have opposing interests, payers and drug companies can work together so that patients have better access to new, innovative medications, according to a Health Affairs Blog post.

CO-OP failures and United's threatened pullout won't doom the exchanges, report says

The failure of many consumer operated and oriented plans and UnitedHealth's doubts about its future participation in the marketplaces aren't a significant threat to the viability of the health insurance exchanges or the Affordable Care Act, according to a new report.


More provider-sponsored health plans in the Medicare Advantage market

Nearly 60 percent of new entrants to the Medicare Advantage market are provider-sponsored health plans, according to a new report from Avalere Health.


Health insurers tackling the opioid epidemic

Several health insurance companies in Massachusetts are taking steps to counter the growing opioid epidemic, including hiring social workers to help support patients who are in recovery, according to a NPR report.

High healthcare costs lead some consumers to turn to limited-coverage plans

​Faced with high premiums and deductibles for traditional health insurance coverage, an increasing number of consumers are opting to piece together short-term and critical-illness plans, according to a Kaiser Health News report.

California's four largest health plans could owe $10B in back taxes

Depending on how pending lawsuits play out in court, California's four largest health plans could owe the state $10 billion in back taxes--and be subject to a hefty tax bill in the future, according to the San Jose Mercury News.