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Latest Headlines

How wearables will change insurer-customer relationship

The Apple Watch will debut in April without some of its highly anticipated health functions, but the market for wearable technology nonetheless remains poised to change the way the health insurance industry operates.

Insurers: Create compelling strategies to motivate consumers to use wearable devices

As insurers increasingly promote wearable devices like FitBit in wellness programs and other initiatives, three University of Pennsylvania medical professors warn that they don't actually lead to behavior change--unless people who actually need the devices wear them consistently and use them correctly, according to a recent editorial published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Payers well-positioned to transform healthcare industry in 2015

Good news, payers: You are well-positioned to save a somewhat struggling health insurance industry. Payers can use  their market power to establish new, innovative trends that enable quality of care and drive down costs.

For wellness programs, choice is often sharing personal health data or paying a fine

Consumers are hesitant to participate in employer wellness programs, fearing that their health records will be on public display,  reported  Bloomberg. Nearly 80 percent of large employers offer wellness programs. About a third of them assess employees a fine if they choose to not participate.

Oscar Health to give members free, wearable fitness tracker

New York-based health insurer Oscar Health is pulling out all the stops to ensure its members maintain a healthy lifestyle. The insurer  announced  via its blog Monday a new fitness perk it plans to offer members: Starting Jan. 2015, each member will receive a free Misfit Flash to help measure activity.

Report: Mobile healthcare market projected to hit $6.7 billion by year's end

Connected devices and machine-to-machine technology, as well as mobile network advancements and emergence of low-cost smartphones will spur mobile healthcare market growth as provider and payer organizations seek new ways to streamline costs while improving patient care, according to Visiongain's latest market forecast.

Google plans rival to Apple's HealthKit

Google plans to launch a health platform called Google Fit that will aggregate data from fitness-tracking devices and health-related apps,  Forbes  reports, citing multiple sources familiar with Google's plans.

Have wearable devices jumped the shark?

There is little doubt and plenty of evidence; mobile healthcare monitoring services, software and devices are on the cusp of huge growth and adoption. Yet despite all the rosy market indicators for mobile healthcare vendors and services providers, big challenges lie ahead. The top hurdle may lie with the health-conscious user/patient/consumer population and how much monitoring, data and medical insight users truly want and need, even if the device cost is below that of any other computing tool in their lives. After all, just how many armbands can one person wear?

Report: Health apps among fastest growing

According to the latest Citrix Mobile Analytics Report, the top 10 most popular mobile health apps by subscriber usage are related to fitness and running, weight loss and nutrition and women's...

Over 17 million wearable bands to ship in 2014

More than 17 million wearable bands will ship this year, according to an announcement from research firm Canalys. "2014 will be the year that wearables become a key consumer technology, as the...