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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Small businesses continue to drop coverage for employees

Companies with fewer than 50 workers are not required to offer health insurance to their employees. As a result, m any small business are dropping coverage for their employees. Instead, they are encouraging workers to purchase individual plans on Healthcare.gov. 

Study shows wide gap between hospital charges for public, private insurers

It's a matter of faith that most hospitals earn the biggest margins on patients that have private insurance. But a new study indicates that acute care facilities routinely clean up on such patients.  

Low-income residents prefer Medicaid over private insurance

For three southern states--Arkansas, Kentucky and Texas--Medicaid expansion popularity continues to grow. Nearly 80 percent of residents in these states favor the expansion and many view Medicaid as comparable to or even better than private insurance when it comes to quality and affordability,  according to a recent study from  Health Affairs. 

Hospitals provided majority of uncompensated care in 2013

Hospitals provided $44.6 billion or nearly 60 percent of the $74 billion in uncompensated care delivered last year, according to a study published in  Health Affairs.

Va. Medicaid expansion draws insurer support

In Virginia, the debate regarding Medicaid expansion continues, reports the Associated Press. If the state decides to expand Medicaid to about 400,000 low-income residents, those eligible will have private insurance paid for with federal funds.

New patient appointment availability depends on insurance coverage

Although patients may now have insurance through health insurance exchanges, the coverage doesn't guarantee that physicians will accept it, according to a new study from  JAMA New Medicine.

Physician availability depends on coverage type

Despite coverage expansion under the Affordable Care Act, the law does not guarantee physicians' availability or willingness to accept a patient's form of insurance, a new study from JAMA New Medicine finds.

Some health exchanges are better than others

In the two months since health insurance exchanges have been open to the public, it's clear the state-run marketplaces have fared better than their federal counterpart. Exchanges are running smoothly in four states, in particular, primarily because of simple and well-tested functions.

UnitedHealth pays $4.9B to acquire Brazil's largest healthcare firm

UnitedHealth Group is set to become the controlling owner of the largest healthcare company in Brazil, a country whose health market is rapidly growing, in one of the most high-priced overseas deals by a U.S. private insurance company.

Census report: Insurers gained 1.3M new members

For the first time in a decade, health insurers can celebrate the release of the Census Bureau report--the total number of insured people has finally increased while the number of privately insured people held stable.