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Latest Headlines

How payers, drug companies can partner to further value-based payments

While they sometimes have opposing interests, payers and drug companies can work together so that patients have better access to new, innovative medications, according to a  Health Affairs Blog  post.

A path must be created for full consumer use of mHealth

Sometimes one simple answer a question can prove as compelling and relevant as an 800-word commentary, a 15-minute video interview or a six-panelist, one-hour workshop session. Case in point, a recent  Forbes  report in which  doctors were asked how many patients had inquired about integrating data from a fitness mHealth device into their electronic patient record. As this week's article on this polling exercise points out, not too many are at all interested in connecting healthcare data activities. As the doctors indicate, more than a good majority of patients--85 percent--haven't asked the question.

Payer-pharma partnerships move 'beyond the pill'

Pharamceutical companies should implement "beyond-the-pill" strategies that move past their traditional business model and work with payers in new ways to meet the challenges facing the healthcare industry.

Payers may subsidize Apple iWatch

Apple's long-rumored smartwatch may be subsidized by health insurers, according to a note to investors from Cowen & Company obtained by  Investor's Business Daily.

Payers meticulous in building mHealth strategies

While the future success of the mobile healthcare industry hinges primarily on adoption and acceptance of technology among providers and consumers, the role of payers is growing increasingly important, as well. With that in mind, insurance companies need to approach diving into mHealth very carefully, according to Paul Nutting, divisional vice president of customer experience with Chicago-based Health Care Service Corporation, and Anoop Bhogal, director, information services and relationship management at Philadelphia-based Independence Blue Cross.

Many mHealth programs lack focus, direction

Healthcare organizations are forging ahead with mobile health initiatives, but they don't necessarily have a clear game plan for the programs, a recent study finds.