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Latest Headlines

The business benefits of collaboration between insurers, patient groups

By working with groups that represent chronic disease patients, insurers can save money on costly therapies while ensuring patients have access to the treatments they need, according to a recent  Health Affairs  blog post.  

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island offers providers platform to harness data

In an effort to improve care quality and coordination, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island plans to arm primary care providers with the power of data.

Physician leader: Why I support the Anthem-Cigna merger

Although powerful provider groups have voiced their opposition to the two major health insurer mergers, one physician leader says he believes that the combination of Anthem and Cigna will help providers and insurers work together to increase care quality and lower costs.

NJ payer and provider find common ground in population health goals

Although commercial payers and behavioral health providers are often at odds, two New Jersey companies are working together on a bundled payment model to help improve population health.

In an about-face, Oscar turns to narrow-network strategy to reach enrollment goals

The health insurance company that says it wants to disrupt the industry is doing an about-face from the broad network strategy it extolled at its birth in 2012,  Bloomberg  reports. 

Amid Obamacare turmoil, payers and providers must mend fences and collaborate

Guest post from Rita Numerof, Ph.D., president of healthcare management consulting firm Numerof & Associates In the healthcare industry, the relationship between payers and providers has long...

Provider-led health plans: The future of healthcare reform?

As health reform continues to evolve, provider-sponsored health plans have emerged one of the most effective ways to manage care and control costs, according to Paul Keckley, managing director for the Navigant Center for Healthcare Research and Policy Analysis.

Aetna CMO: Harness the power of scale to cut costs, improve outcomes

Guest post from Harold M. Paz, M.D., Aetna's chief medical officer While there are many viewpoints on the best way to fix our healthcare system, we can agree that a better system means bringing...

The insurer-physician relationship: Improved, but still imperfect

Relations are not so tense these days between health insurers and physicians, but several issues still divide them, according to  Managed Care  magazine.

How UPMC used big data and integrated care to reduce readmissions

Healthcare providers are always on the lookout for strategies to reduce preventable readmissions, and leaders at one of the nation's foremost integrated health systems say the answer lies in integrating provider and payer operations, according to MobiHealthNews.